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Matthew Cruz mcruz at umich.edu
Fri Apr 15 18:46:23 UTC 2022


I support the team of University of Michigan Herbarium Collection Managers.
They have asked me to assist them with clearing up GBIF data flagging
regarding "Institution match fuzzy" and "Institution Collection Mismatch".

I have two questions below in bold. I try to provide backstory along the
way leading up to each question.

I appreciate any help you can provide please.

Here are two examples of the types of flagged data that I wish to correct.
The first image is of an occurrence record from the University of Michigan
[my institution]. The second image is from the New York Botanical Garden.

Question 1: Is GBIF aware of a particular contributor that is currently
very successful in having minimal numbers of GBIF flags on their data? If
so, can you please share their name with us or a link to one of their
occurrence records as we would like to pattern ourselves after them?

UM Herbarium example:
Reference Image 1:
Reference Image 2:

NYBG example:
Reference Image 3:

I have successfully cleared out the "Institution match fuzzy" by providing
the InstitutionID as shown here:
Reference Image 4:

Next what I found is that our database is sending "Subcollection" values
such as "Algae", "Fungi", etc as the value that gets mapped to
"CollectionCode". You can see in the example above, it indicates "Fungi"
was received. The problem with this is that the collection code is actually
"MICH" as indicated on this page:

We want to keep our IPT feed as it is and report these subcollection values
instead of "MICH".

I found that there is this page that lists a property called "Alternative
Codes". Below is a screenshot:
Reference Image 5:

If I click the "Suggest" button, then the following form is rendered:
Reference Image 6:

Reference Image 7:
The tooltip is promising so I tried to find documentation on this but could

Question #2:
a. How is this "Alternative Codes" supposed to be used?
b. Is there documentation on this?
c. If I populate this form with the subcollection values: "Algae", "Fungi",
etc, will it enable a match?

Here are two API calls, one with the correct code, "MICH" and one with the
subcollection code that is passed in via IPT: "Algae":


d. After submitting this form, what happens? Who reviews it? How is it
approved? How long does approval take?

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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