[API-users] import all images of all occurences of a taxon

Sylvain Ard sylvain.ard at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 19:38:58 UTC 2022

I want to import all images of all occurences of french Taraxacum. I wrote
the PHP file joined which lists the Taraxacum species from Taxref 15 then
list nubKeys then lists occurences and download images of all occurences of
all species. But in the web version of GBIF I can see that I don't get all
Thank you for help
Best regards

Sylvain Ard
sylvain.ard at gmail.com
Entreprise individuelle SIRET : 80079243400022
Appt 26 Bât A Résidence Le Patio
83 rue de la Bugellerie
86000 Poitiers
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