[API-users] understanding download status (specially FILE_ERASED)

Herbario SANT sant.herbarium at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 20:25:43 UTC 2020

I have a question about the results returned by the api when requesting the
download activity of a dataset.

Where can I find a description of the possible "status" of a given
download? (I found at least 6 different values in our datasets activity).

I understand that KILLED, FAILED, RUNNING, PREPARING ... can all be
interpreted as "nobody has (still) used that information".
Whereas a "SUCCEEDED" download means the opposite.

But what about "FILE_ERASED
Does it mean the download was "SUCCEEDED" in the past, and some time later
the info was deleted? (when looking at old downloads, the percentage of
FILE_ERASED is much higher).

If I want to evaluate real usage of a dataset along years, should I better
use the sum of "SUCCEEDED + FILE_ERASED". Right?

Also, I understand that the sum of SUCCEEDED + FILE_ERASED downloads for a
given dataset and year, should be the same if somebody repeats the query in
the future (whereas the sum of SUCCEEDED downloads will decrease).

Thanks a lot for your help
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