[API-users] Occurrence Inventories

Adriaan van Os adriaan at adriaan.biz
Sat Jan 26 12:19:16 CET 2019

Matthew Blissett wrote:

> The documentation isn't particularly clear, but you can create the month 
> chart using the search + facet API:
> https://api.gbif.org/v1/occurrence/search?facet=month&facetLimit=12&limit=0

As an example, I looked at the flight time of Nymphalis antiopa, which is known to be around 
April-May and August-September. The GBIF Occurrences per Month chart 
shows a lot of occurrences in January. I tracked these down to Finish datasets with eventDate 
January 01 at 00:00 but for a valid year.

In other words, these are year-only dates, spoiling the Occurrences per Month chart. How do I 
filter them out ? Is teventDate given in one or multiple database fields, with possble NULL values 
? A work-around would be to give them month number 0.


Adriaan van Os

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