[API-users] Occurrence Inventories

Matthew Blissett mblissett at gbif.org
Mon Jan 14 10:25:09 CET 2019

Hi Adriaan,

On 12/01/2019 10:32, Adriaan van Os wrote:

> Occurrence Inventories <https://www.gbif.org/developer/occurrence> 
> support only a few properties: basisOfRecord, year, datasets, 
> countries and publishingCountry.
> I suggest to add
> /occurrence/counts/monthOfYear
> /occurrence/counts/dayOfYear
> These would be useful for creating fligh-period charts.

The documentation isn't particularly clear, but you can create the month 
chart using the search + facet API:


dayOfYear isn't supported, I've recorded the suggestion here: 



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