[API-users] Number of coordinates in "within" predicate

Jan Legind jlegind at gbif.org
Wed May 30 14:23:13 CEST 2018

Dear Michael,

In case you have not received a reply yet - If you are submitting requests through the GBIF API there is a limit to the size of the string that can be submitted. It would seem that a 1000 coordinate pairs would break the limit.
I would recommend downloading data for the general area you are interested in and filter using a GIS application. I have done something similar using a complex polygon in R and I can help you in this regard.


Jan K. Legind
Data manager, GBIF

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Dear all,

I'm working on a procedure for data download for the "Lower Saxon Wadden Sea" national park using the API. It works for a smaller region defined by a polygon with 183 coordinate pairs (vertices). For a larger region (more than 1000 coordinate pairs), I receive status 400 and the following response text:

Instantiation of [simple type, class org.gbif.api.model.occurrence.predicate.WithinPredicate] value failed: null (through reference chain: org.gbif.api.model.occurrence.predicate.WithinPredicate["geometry"])

My question is where the limit for the number of coordinate pairs is.

Thanks for help.
Kind regards
Michael Reetz
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