[API-users] Change to GBIF download retention period

Matthew Blissett mblissett at gbif.org
Tue Feb 13 15:04:43 CET 2018

Dear GBIF users,

In recent months, usage of the GBIF.org website and APIs has increased 
significantly.  Many more users are downloading data from GBIF.org, and 
it is no longer practical for us to keep all download files indefinitely.

Starting from yesterday [1], new download files made through GBIF.org 
will be marked for deletion six months in the future. Users can request 
that their download files be kept for a longer period through 
www.GBIF.org [2].  If a download has been cited in research, we will 
keep it for as long as possible – notify us of this through the website.

DOIs are still generated, and the download metadata (the filter used, 
datasets involved and so on) will be kept forever.  Only the ZIP file 
itself will be deleted.

Email reminders will be sent before download files are deleted.

For the moment, almost all downloads from before 2018-02-12 will be 
kept.  A few users have multiple very large downloads, these account for 
the majority of the storage space used, and in many cases appear to be 
made in error. I will send individual emails to these users asking if 
they still need to retain these downloads.

Thank you,

Matthew Blissett

[1] Starting from 2018-02-12 14:05 UTC, to be precise.

[2] To request a download file be kept for longer, go to the download 
page, perhaps via https://www.gbif.org/user/download, and click 
"Postpone Deletion". Only downloads with a future deletion date will 
show the option to postpone.

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