[API-users] Asynchronous download DwCA format no publishingOrgKey

Matthew Blissett mblissett at gbif.org
Thu Aug 16 15:22:19 CEST 2018

Dear Eli,

I don't know why it is this way, according to our API the term 
publishingOrgKey is "not exposed in user downloads": 

Given a datasetKey (which is in the DwCA format), you can query for the 
publishingOrganizationKey with a query like 
http://api.gbif.org/v1/dataset/2814930a-3b93-48d6-b887-00979481ac9e, for 
example using "curl" and "jq":

curl -Ss 
http://api.gbif.org/v1/dataset/2814930a-3b93-48d6-b887-00979481ac9e | jq 

There are 20,000 datasets in a complete download, so making these 
queries and caching the result will probably be faster than using both 
download formats.

Best regards,

Matt Blissett

On 12/08/18 20:40, Eli Agbayani wrote:
> Dear GBIF,
> Is there a reason why the Asynchronous download DwCA format doesn't 
> have publishingOrgKey while the CSV format has it.
> We want to use the DwCA format because of the multimedia addition but 
> realized the publishingOrgKey was missing.
> Hopefully publishingOrgKey will be included in the DwCA format so we 
> don't need to download both formats.
> Thanks,
> Eli
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