[API-users] Tree Species Distribution Model based on ESGF and GBIF Data

Nils Hempelmann info at nilshempelmann.de
Wed Feb 15 12:13:43 CET 2017

Dear all

Time is running quickly, and its already a while ago since I discovered 

Meanwhile there is an initial version of a Species Distribution Model in 
the Web Processing Service Birdhouse. Based on an implementation of 
pygbif to fetch the Species occurrence data as well as an data search 
interface (wizard) to connect to the appropriate climate model data.

Here is (also initial) the documentation:

And if you want to have a look on the GUI (including lots of other 
processes as well):

Looking forward for your feedback, suggestions, ideas, hopes and wishes 
... :-)


On 01/06/2016 12:57, Mauro Cavalcanti wrote:
> Nils,
> Really great... 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
> Salud!
> 2016-06-01 6:09 GMT-03:00 Nils Hempelmann <info at nilshempelmann.de 
> <mailto:info at nilshempelmann.de>>:
>     Hi Juan et al
>     Thanks a lot for triggering this discussion.
>     I am currently working on a Web processing service
>     (http://birdhouse.readthedocs.io/en/latest/) including a species
>     distribution model based on the GBIF data (and climate model
>     data). A good connection to GBIF database is still missing and all
>     hints were quite useful!!
>     If you want to share code:
>     https://github.com/bird-house/flyingpigeon/blob/master/flyingpigeon/processes/wps_sdm.py
>     Merci
>     Nils

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