[API-users] GBIF Backbone

godfoder godfoder at acis.ufl.edu
Thu Feb 2 16:03:10 CET 2017

iDigBio is nearly complete with the process of integrating the GBIF 
Backbone into our backend and the process so far has been fairly 
painless. Thank for all the hard work you've put into building up this 
resource for the community.

I do have one (hopefully minor) change request:

Can you add in the parsed values for specificEpithet and 
infraspecificEpithet into the taxon file where they are available? 
Background: We're using a multi-term fuzzy match in elasticsearch to 
resolve taxonomy from records against the backbone, this is performing 
fairly well, and the more terms we add to the match criteria the better 
it becomes. The scientificName field in most specimens doesn't include 
authorship information, so is a relatively poor match overall against 
the scientificName field in the backbone. Most specimens supply the 
specificEpithet field though, so I was including it in our matching 
criteria until I realized that that field is missing from the backbone 


- Alex

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