[API-users] Reporting bugs/etc with GBIF API?

Tim Robertson trobertson at gbif.org
Thu Sep 1 22:05:14 CEST 2016

Thanks for raising this Scott.

We do appreciate reminders to help prioritise things.  Please do email this list or me directly if you feel things need raised and we'll do whatever we can - the R package is a well used library and we appreciate all your contributions greatly!  Simply put, there are just a lot of issues and not a lot of developers so sometimes things go for a while before being fixed - especially over the summer vacation period.

I found the 4 issues from you

  *   POR-3125 which we agree is fixed [1] so I closed (a data issue)
  *   POR-3173 which I commented on with what I hope is a better alternative and what you really seek [2]
  *   POR-2809 that I suspect was actually an outage [3]
  *   POR-2847 I've asked a colleague to clarify the behaviour [4]

I hope this helps, and sorry these have gone uncommented for so long.  I propose we continue the discussion on the issues directly, and links are below for anyone following this thread.


[1] http://dev.gbif.org/issues/browse/POR-3125
[2] http://dev.gbif.org/issues/browse/POR-3173
[3] http://dev.gbif.org/issues/browse/POR-2809
[4] http://dev.gbif.org/issues/browse/POR-2847

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Subject: [API-users] Reporting bugs/etc with GBIF API?


I just looked over issues I've opened in the GBIF JIRA instance. I noticed that none of the 4 received any comments or action as far as I could tell.

Is there a better place to raise issues with the GBIF API? This mailing list? Twitter? A Github repo?

Thanks!, Scott
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