[API-users] timeframe on implementation of dataset "subtype" parameter?

Tim Robertson trobertson at gbif.org
Sat May 28 06:58:49 CEST 2016

Hi Dan,

We definitely need to do something in this area soon, but I am not sure
sub_type will be the best way forward (it is currently null for

The reason being, is that a dataset can be an occurrence dataset, or a
checklist or sample based dataset and all 3 can have occurrences
describing specimen collection events.  Really the distinction of a
dataset type is getting blurred and we should consider representing this

We are working hard to enable facetted searches on occurrences which I
think will be a better approach.  You could then do an occurrence search
for specimens, and then just facet to get the list of  contributing
datasets.  We expect that online within weeks, although will make it clear
that the specifics of the API might still change.

I hope this helps,

On 27/05/16 22:31, "API-users on behalf of Stoner, Dan"
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>Just wondering if dataset subtype will become available in the API
>anytime soon. This would be very helpful to me as I am looking for
>SPECIMEN occurrence datasets.
>The doc that mentions "subtype":
>"Not yet implemented, but will eventually allow filtering of datasets by
>their dataset subtype as given in our DatasetSubtype enum."
>Dan Stoner
>iDigBio / ACIS Laboratory
>University of Florida
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