[API-users] New Portal/Occurrece API functionalities

godfoder godfoder at acis.ufl.edu
Wed Jun 15 22:05:23 CEST 2016

Awesome work guys, this make a number of data mining queries I used to 
have to run much easier and accessible right from the API/Download system.

Any chance that the protocol field could be made searchable? Its always 
frustrating when I can see fields in the API, but have no ability to 
inspect their contents other that iteration. It's like the data is 
locked away just out of reach.

- Alex

On 06/15/2016 09:44 AM, Federico Mendez wrote:
> Dear GBIFApiers, we are excited to announce some new features that are 
> now supported by there GBIF Portal and Occurrence API:
>  1. Full text search is now supported. Some examples of this new
>     function are:
>       * Search by collector (recorded by):
>           o http://api.gbif.org/v1/occurrence/search?q=hobern
>             <http://www.gbif.org/occurrence/search?q=hobern>
>           o http://api.gbif.org/v1/occurrence/search?q=desmet
>       * Search by locality shows accurate results for most of the
>         cases: http://api.gbif.org/v1/occurrence/search?q=santa%20ana
>         <http://api.gbif.org/v1/occurrence/search?q=santa%20ana>
>       * This service provides suggestions when a ‘similar/corrected’
>         version of the query could show more accurate results:
>         http://api.gbif.org/v1/occurrence/search?q=kajsdkla&spellCheck=true .
>       * This functionality is also supported by the GBIF portal:
>         http://www.gbif.org/occurrence/search?q=cobra
>         <http://www.gbif.org/occurrence/search>
>  2. Faceted search
>      1. The GBIF portal now supports faceted navigation by: /basis of
>         record, type status, data set, country,  year /and/ month/.
>         Please, see this example:
>         http://www.gbif.org/occurrence/search?basis_of_record=FOSSIL_SPECIMEN .
>      2. The GBIF API supports faceted results  by: /basisOfRecord,
>         catalogNumber, classKey, collectionCode, country, datasetKey,
>         decimalLatitude, decimalLongitude, depth, elevation,
>         establishmentMeans, familyKey, genusKey, hasCoordinate,
>         hasGeospatialIssue, institutionCode, issue, kingdomKey,
>         mediaType, month, occurrenceID, orderKey, phylumKey,
>         publishingCountry, recordedBy, recordNumber, repatriated,
>         scientificName, speciesKey, subgenusKey, taxonKey, typeStatus
>         /and/ year. /
>      3. The occurrence API supports pagination request in facets using
>         the parameters /facetLimit/ and /facetOffset/, see this example:
>          1. First three country counts/facets:
>             http://api.gbif.org/v1/occurrence/search?facet=COUNTRY&COUNTRY.facetLimit=3&COUNTRY.facetOffset=0&limit=0
>          2. Next three country counts/facets:
>             http://api.gbif.org/v1/occurrence/search?facet=COUNTRY&COUNTRY.facetLimit=3&COUNTRY.facetOffset=3&limit=0
>  3. A new repatriation filter allows to search for records whose
>     publishing country is different to the country where the record
>     was recorded in. For example, the following link shows the
>     repatriated data of Costa
>     Rica:http://api.gbif.org/v1/occurrence/search?COUNTRY=CR&REPATRIATED=true
>     .
> Be aware that this is/ still in a experimental phase and its 
> definition could change in the future. /Please refer to the API 
> documentation http://www.gbif.org/developer/occurrence and don’t 
> hesitate to contact us if you have further questions!
> Best regards, GBIFS Informatics.
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