[API-users] org.gbif.api.vocabulary.License.UNSPECIFIED

Nozomi James Ytow nozomi at biol.tsukuba.ac.jp
Fri Aug 19 08:58:42 CEST 2016


I got the following exception when getting a dataset in my Java code:

org.codehaus.jackson.map.JsonMappingException: Can not construct instance of org.gbif.api.vocabulary.License from String value 'unspecified': value not one of declared Enum instance names
 at [Source: http://api.gbif.org/v1/dataset/7ddf754f-d193-4cc9-b351-99906754a03b; line: 1, column: 18567] (through reference chain: org.gbif.api.model.registry.Dataset["license"])

Because Java Enum is case sensitive, either is necessary to rename the entry to lower case, to change the value to upper case, or provide conversion code in org.gbif.api.vocabulary.License.
Or, of course, modify application codes....


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