[API-users] dateline queries

jorrit poelen jhpoelen at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 28 17:10:16 CET 2015


When searching for occurrences by geometry I am using the following WKT polygon:

POLYGON((116.71875 55.7765730186677,116.71875 90,87.1875 90,87.1875 55.7765730186677,116.71875 55.7765730186677))

This polygon is intended to cover parts of eastern Russia, Alaska, northern Canada and Greenland. For some reason, the GBIF results include the inverted longitudinal selection.

Does GBIF support dateline wrapping for it’s spatial queries? If so, how should I form the geometry to capture this?


PS1 Is there a github issue list than I can post this at?

PS2 For context, please see a working prototype at: http://www.effechecka.org/#geometry=POLYGON%28%28116.71875%2055.7765730186677%2C116.71875%2090%2C87.1875%2090%2C87.1875%2055.7765730186677%2C116.71875%2055.7765730186677%29%29&hasSpatialIssue=false&height=202&lat=79.81230226556366&limit=20&lng=-78.046875&scientificName=Aves%2CMammalia%2CMammalia&taxonSelector=Aves%2CMammalia%2CMammalia&traitSelector=&width=470&wktString=ENVELOPE%28116.71875%2C87.1875%2C90%2C55.7765730186677%29&zoom=1

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