[API-users] more data with depth value??

ptrans2004es ptrans2004es at yahoo.es
Mon Nov 2 12:29:24 CET 2015



I work mainly with occurrences from marine species that I programmatically
download through GBIF API.

Maybe it is just an impression, but it seems to me that there are now
clearly  more occurrences with depth values than some months ago. I've seen
for some species data downloaded 3-4 months ago that I had around 200
occurrences with not-null depth value; and redownloading them now, there is
around ten times more occurrences with not-null depth value. I was very

Can this be possible?  Maybe there was changes in API or reloaded data in
last months that can explain that?

(if not, it should be my own problem, but I don't understand, I don't think
I modified anything.)


Thank you very much.


Best regards,



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