[API-users] Does typeSpecimens API work?

Markus Döring mdoering at gbif.org
Mon Jan 5 11:01:09 CET 2015

Hello James,

in the current checklist bank index there is not too much type information available. I hope to improve the situation with my new backbone work I am starting now.
But many of the species file checklists have type information, for example "Nesogryllus Perkins, 1899":



On 20 Dec 2014, at 09:46, Nozomi James Ytow <nozomi at biol.tsukuba.ac.jp> wrote:

> Hi Markus,
> thanks for your answer.
> It makes sense that ChecklistBank returns only nominal types.
> Is there concise type species or genus which returns contents?
> I tried some nominal types which I know but they returned empty records.
> James
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