[API-users] Occurrence search API limitations

ptrans2004es ptrans2004es at yahoo.es
Fri Apr 24 12:25:44 CEST 2015


Thank you very much, Markus, for your answer.

For me a callback URL is not really needed. Actively poll the download
request status may be an acceptable solution as well.

The problem is more in interactivity: as I understand, using asynchronous
service does not allow us to show some kind of "progress" to the user, which
seems to us convenient particularly on large downloads. Using synchronous
paging service, we can show to the user the download progress.


Maybe using the call  /occurrence/download/{key}  iteratively we could
obtain some kind of "percent of completion" information, until the request
is completed?

(Sorry, I still don't tested the asynchronous service; only the synchronous


Thank you very much.

E. Garcia


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