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Tim Robertson trobertson at gbif.org
Tue Sep 16 08:34:01 CEST 2014

That is correct: http://dev.gbif.org/issues/browse/POR-2451

While that remains an open issue, can I interest you in an occurrenceID -> GBIF ID mapping for that dataset in tab delimited format?


On 15 Sep 2014, at 19:22, Roderic D. M. Page <rdmpage at gmail.com> wrote:

> Am I correct in thinking that it's not currently possible to search for an occurrence by identifier or the occurrenceID fields?
> For example, if I want to search the recently added Geographically tagged INSDC sequences dataset 
> http://www.gbif.org/dataset/ad43e954-dd79-4986-ae34-9ccdbd8bf568 using the accession number I would need to search on either of these fields. 
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