[API-users] Checklist bank, query for certain checklist

"Dröge, Gabriele" g.droege at BGBM.ORG
Fri Nov 14 15:02:14 CET 2014

Hi GBIF team,

on your website (dev.gbif.org/wiki/display/POR/Webservice+API) I've found information that one can only do a name usage match to the GBIF Backbone Taxonomy. In theory one could also do it against the Catalogue of Life or other checklists, but this is currently unimplemented.
This implementation would be very useful for GGBN (and I guess a lot of other projects too). It would be great to use this standard pipeline to send queries to different checklist instead of querying different web services, despite of the fact that most of the checklists in your repository are not available via web services yet.

Can you say something about the priority for this implementation or when you will realize it?

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