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Markus Döring m.doering at mac.com
Sun Jun 29 23:15:51 CEST 2014

Hi Scott,
the problem is slightly different from what it appears to be. The array of media items is indeed a list of 4 images.
I could not find your example, but you can pick pretty much any of the iNaturalist observations, for example this one here:

There are 2 media items, one with a url to the image, one a link to the respective webpage.
If you look at the verbatim content you can see that we simply get a list of 2 URLs concatenated into the single dwc:associatedMedia field:

Why cannot safely know that the 2 links are indeed about the same image, so these end up being to media item. Because one of them has a jpg suffix we know it is a link to the image and derive a file type.
This can be avoided by using the richer multimedia extension which allows an image and a webpage link within the same record:

See also our blog post which explains this issue in more details:


Markus Döring
Software Developer
Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
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On 29 Jun 2014, at 07:59, Scott Chamberlain <scott at ropensci.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks for adding media content to the occurrence endpoint output. I
> am curious if the below is the intended behavior. It appears as though
> the "references" field associated with an array of "type", "format",
> and "identifier" is in the next array.  Does it not make more sense to
> have the "references" field within the same array so when parsed we
> can easily tell that they go together?  I can tell by seeing that the
> photo ID is the same, but I wonder if that is the best approach since
> then we need to make sure a "references" field goes with an arry of
> type/format/identifier by e.g. regex-ing.
> Sorry if I am misunderstanding why this is the way it is :)
> [
>   {
>      type: "StillImage",
>      format: "image/jpeg",
>      identifier:
> "http://static.inaturalist.org/photos/696339/medium.JPG?1393473140"
>  },
>  {
>      references: "http://conabio.inaturalist.org/photos/696339"
>  },
>  {
>      type: "StillImage",
>      format: "image/jpeg",
>      identifier:
> "http://static.inaturalist.org/photos/696341/medium.JPG?1393473245"
>  },
>  {
>      references: "http://conabio.inaturalist.org/photos/696341"
>  }
> ]
> Thanks!
> Scott Chamberlain
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