[ALA-Portal] Myriatrix Scratchpad conversion to Living Atlas

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Thu Jun 15 07:21:23 UTC 2023

Dear colleagues,
As some of you may know, the Natural History Museum of London has decided
to stop supporting the virtual research environment Scratchpads, as the
underlying Drupal 7 is coming to its end of life and the NHM does not have
the resources to migrate Scratchpads to a newer Drupal version.
Since 2019, I have put a lot of effort into the Myriatrix Scratchpad (
https://myriatrix.myspecies.info/), dedicated to the Myriapoda and
Onychophora of the world. I would like to continue maintaining the database
and keeping it accessible online. Would it be possible for the Atlas of
Living Australia / Living Atlases community to support me with converting
Myriatrix into a Living Atlas? I will be happy to contribute back, e. g.,
with updated classifications (taxonomic backbones) for Myriapoda and
Onychophora in the other Living Atlases.
Kind regards,

Carlos A. Martínez Muñoz

Myriatrix <http://myriatrix.myspecies.info/>
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Myriapod Morphology and Evolution
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