[ALA-Portal] Admin Interface

Nick.Dosremedios at csiro.au Nick.Dosremedios at csiro.au
Tue Aug 7 02:14:42 CEST 2018

Hi hhernandez (you didn’t give your first name),

The “admin tools” should show a page with options, e.g.

[cid:image001.png at 01D42E37.74BEB040]

Could you check the version and report it back. You can see the version by viewing the HTML source for that page you were on. Look for the following HTML in the HEAD:

<meta name="app.version" content="1.5.4"/>

Also check the Javascript concole and see if there are any JS errors there after you click the “admin tools”.


Nick dos Remedios
nick.dosremedios at csiro.au
Atlas of Living Australia

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Subject: [ALA-Portal] Admin Interface

Hello Comunity.

I finally get to the install the ALA-DEMO, i was trying some pages but i dontk now how to use, for example the Admin Interface when i clik in Admin Tools or Add a new collection or data resource, the page stay white.

Is there something else that i need to do, to add a new collection or data resource?

[cid:fb2dee2cfb220e92109c8882308af591 at query.com.gt]
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