[Ala-portal] MySQL - UTF-8 issue

Marie Elise Lecoq melecoq at gbif.fr
Fri May 15 14:24:23 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I have an issue with the encoding when I upload data from GBIF.
In the beginning, MySQL was set to latin_1 but Dave made a modification on
the ansible script and I change the collectory database to UTF-8 as well as
the tables.

As you can see here (,
accents are not displayed. And it is the same in the database.  As data are
good in GBIF (
http://www.gbif.org/dataset/dfb4510e-068e-4a59-a1e6-9a9991b78e50), the
problem came up during the insert in the database. Any clue ?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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