[Ala-portal] errors during the ansible script execution

Marie-Elise Lecoq melecoq at gbif.fr
Wed Mar 11 19:30:35 CET 2015

Hi all !

I had some issues with my ALA demo portal on my server so I decided to 
re-install an installation on VM with vagrant and ansible using the last 
version of ala-install project (from the ALA github).

Unfortunately, I had some errors. The first one was about the vagrant 
user rights. I added "remote_user: vagrant"
and "sudo: yes" on the ala-demo.yml file and it fixed it.

Then, I have issues with undefined ansible variables (solr_hostname and 
biocache_service_hostname) on the vagrant file. I resolved those bugs by 
adding them in the file.

Now, I have another fatal error about another missing variable : 
userdetails_url. The error message is :

fatal: [] => {'msg': "AnsibleUndefinedVariable: One or more 
undefined variables: 'userdetails_url' is undefined", 'failed': True}
fatal: [] => {'msg': 'One or more items failed.', 'failed': 
True, 'changed': False, 'results': [{'msg': "AnsibleUndefinedVariable: 
One or more undefined variables: 'userdetails_url' is undefined", 
'failed': True}]}

It seems that this variable is needed on the 
biocache-config.properties.  When I searched this variable on the other 
files, I found that you filled it with 
"https://auth.ala.org.au/userdetails/userDetails". I guess that it is 
linked to the authentication system. In my configuration, what kind of 
data do I have to fill in this field ? Do you have any clue about what I 
can do in order to skip this error ? If it is linked to the 
authentication system, I don't need it on our portal (for now). In this 
case, how can I remove the system ?

I'm not sure that my explanation and my questions are clear :-)! Don't 
hesitate to ask me more information if you need it.

In advance, thanks!
Best regards,

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