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This is email is just to give an update on projects currently working on/with ALA components.

These notes are from project representatives:

GBIF - "Building on the work of Miguel Carboni during the Canberra workshop (2014) GBIF have completed the basic development to enable crawling of BioCASe providers into the biocache-store.
The code is on a private github fork [1] and a pull request [2] has been made for this to be included in the master trunk.  It should be noted that some dependency version changes might mean this needs to be carefully considered before it can be applied which could introduce a slight delay in it’s availability.  The implementation is a simple wrapper around the GBIF BioCASe crawler [3] and only extracts a few key fields from the ABCD schema at the moment [4].
It would be trivial to complete this mapping should any BioCASe aggregators wish to use the biocache.” - Tim Robertson

GBIF Spain - "Work on  documentation, particularly about how to include the lang_selector in the in data portal and also I’m working in the updating of several dataset of our data portal. I hope a can do more before the end of the year. Today I did a presentation about the Quality Test that the Data Portal does: https://twitter.com/smr_sama?lang=es and the next week a have another meeting about our image server.” - Santiago de la Riva

GBIF France - "I updated the collectory plugin from the 1.3 version to the 1.5.1 version. I have corrected some CSS issues on our collectory theme and I have begun to migrate the collectory module from BS2 to BS3. I have also fixed the issue #11 on github.” - Marie-Elise Lecoq

GBIF Germany - “For BGBM, this would be investigating ALA components (biocache, generic hub, image server).” - Jörg Holetschek

GBIF Argentina - "I've been working for the national node portal in order to release it. We've tried to install the log module and cas module. Also we've been working on a document to define the actors and roles of the national portal.” - Miguel Carboni

GBIF Portugal - "Styling for Portuguese data portal, header a footer done, working on a front search form based on the simple search. To be ready in one week.” - Rui Figueira

ICMBio, Brasil - ICMBio have just released a public portal - http://portaldabiodiversidade.icmbio.gov.br/portal/

GBIF Belgium - Currently working on ALA documentation as part of the GBIF Encounter Bay project:  http://www.gbif.org/project/2015-ala-internationalization

Atlas of Living Scotland - "A Beta version of the Atlas of Living Scotland is up and running at http://www.als.scot. We are currently working on spatial components (http://spatial.als.scot) and a tool for exploring the data by habitat." - Dave Martin

Atlas of Living Australia - "Recent development efforts have been focussed on a refreshing of the DigiVol site (http://digivol.ala.org.au), and a tool called BioCollect which we hope to release early next year. BioCollect with be a place for creating citizen science projects.” - Dave Martin

Thanks to every for the updates. If you are working on another project using ALA, we’d love to hear from you.


Dave Martin
Atlas of Living Australia

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