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David.Martin at csiro.au David.Martin at csiro.au
Fri Sep 26 08:49:09 CEST 2014

Thanks Santi

You wont have. By default the biocache uses the files packaged in the executable.
It checks the directory for any files that should be used instead.


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Hi Dave,

I don't have this directory/file in my system: /data/biocache/vocab/statePorvinces.txt. I have realized that other files are refered when the process records procedure is executed, e.g:
2014-09-25 20:29:45,316 INFO : [Vocab] - Reading internal vocab file: /kingdoms.txt
2014-09-25 20:29:49,946 INFO : [Vocab] - Reading internal vocab file: /basisOfRecord.txt
Also I would like to customize the vocab of basis of record, but
Should be these files in the same directory, /data/biocache/vocab which I don't have in my server :$??

Thanks in advance,

Santiago Martínez de la Riva
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De: David.Martin at csiro.au [David.Martin at csiro.au]
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Thanks Santiago, Daniel.

I thought I should add that state/territory values are added during the
You¹ve probably noticed they are only limited to Australian states.
Theres two ways the stateProvince values are added:

1) Intersection with a polygon layer.
2) Matching the stateProvince value supplied in the raw record.

For 1), theres still work to be done for the ala-demo to package up more
of the GIS components to enable support for sampling.
So for now 2) is the only option. To do this you can override the
vocabulary file by including your own version here:


The format of these files is tab separated like so:

Canonical form, variant1, variant2, variant3


New South Wales, NSW, N. South Wales

To pick up changes to vocab files, you¹ll need to:

1) change the files
2) re-process
3) re-index

Hope this helps.


On 25/09/2014 10:26 pm, "Santiago Martinez de la Riva" <sama at gbif.es>

>Thanks Daniel,
>In the first part I don't refer to title, I refer to list of Facet names,
>that for the case of State/Territory, are: New South Wales, Victoria,
>Queensland, South Australia....and more, how can I customize this list?
>In the second point, I understand that I can locate the biocache-hub
>locally, and only I have to indicate the path in the BuildConfig.groovy
>file. Is it right?
>Thanks in advance,
>Santiago Martínez de la Riva
>GBIF.ES, Unidad de Coordinación         Tel. +34 91 4203017 x 273
>Real Jardín Botánico - CSIC                     Fax +34 91 429 2405
>Plaza de Murillo, 2                                     sama at gbif.es
>28014 Madrid, Spain                                 www.gbif.es
>De: Daniel Lins [daniel.lins at gmail.com]
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>Hi Santi!
>First Question:
>If you only need to change these names, you can use the i18n. For example:
> _advanced.gsp file:
><td class="labels"><g:message code="advancedsearch.table06col02.title"
>i18n/messages.properties file:
>advancedsearch.table06col02.title = Estado/Território
>Second Question:
>You can change your BuildConfig.groovy file, in
>You need to include the biocache-hubs project location and comment the
>runtime configuration.
>grails.plugin.location.'biocache-hubs' = "../biocache-hubs"
>//runtime ":biocache-hubs:0.57"
>Hope this helps,
>Daniel Lins da Silva
>(Mobile) 55 11 96144-4050
>Research Center on Biodiversity and Computing (Biocomp)
>University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
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>daniel.lins at gmail.com<mailto:daniel.lins at gmail.com>
>2014-09-25 7:41 GMT-03:00 Santiago Martinez de la Riva
><sama at gbif.es<mailto:sama at gbif.es>>:
>Hi all,
>I have two questions:
>First: I want to change some FacetNames such as State/Territory, Local
>Govt. Area in the _advanced.gsp, but I don't know where is located this
>information. Could you give some tip?
>and second: If I modify the biocache-hub plug-in how can i do that
>generic-hub uses my new biocache-hub?
>Thanks so muchh!!!
>Kind regards,
>Santiago Martínez de la Riva
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