[Ala-portal] [Requirements list]: Latin American Nodes Meeting - Brazil

Santiago Martinez de la Riva sama at gbif.es
Wed Sep 10 12:39:07 CEST 2014

Hi all,

Last week Paco Pando – manager of GBIF Spain - attended the Latin American Nodes Meeting in Brazil where he could write down the most important requirements for these nodes in order to develop their own data portal based on the ALA model:

Help of define an agreed list of functionalities to be put in deployable  form.

For instance:

- DwC procedure for uploading data AND METADATA into the portal (API GBIF.ORG)
- Better support for  collection & institution info management.
- BIE for Plinian.
- CAS.
- Better maps & layers management.
- Geospatial module.

This implies:
 * Code retouching.
 * Documentation.
 * A ToR for participant nodes to define commitment and contribution.

Kind regards,

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