[Ala-portal] ProviderCode Maps: Indexing dataset with several collection code

David.Martin at csiro.au David.Martin at csiro.au
Thu Oct 2 05:41:12 CEST 2014

Thanks Santiago.

Heres a quick response. This really needs a detailed wiki page (contributions all welcome :)) 
I've setup a demo dataset on http://ala-demo.gbif.org.

Fake dataset:

Fake data:
Dianthus caryophyllus,catalogNumber1,collectionA,institutionA,40.4,-3.683,2001-01-01
Dianthus caryophyllus,catalogNumber2,collectionB,institutionA,40.5,-3.583,2001-01-01
Dianthus caryophyllus,catalogNumber3,collectionC,institutionB,40.6,-3.783,2001-01-01
Dianthus caryophyllus,catalogNumber4,collectionD,institutionB,40.7,-3.883,2001-01-01

So this dataset has records for 2 institutions, and 4 collections (2 collections per institution). Each collection has 1 record each.


So the full process is this.

In the collectory:
1) Create a data resource
2) Create provider codes
3) Create institutions, collections
4) For the collections, add provider maps for the correct codes (noting these are the codes in the raw data NOT collectory generated  ids like co13)
5) On the data resource page, add "record consumers" for your collections & institutions.

In biocache run an ingest, or if the data has been previously loaded, run process & index. If there are any changes to these codes, or mapped collections, then you'll need to process and index the data resource involved again.

Have a look at the config for each of the collections, institutions and the data resource on the demo site and see how it compares to your local version.

Hope this helps, 

Dave Martin

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Subject: [Ala-portal] ProviderCode Maps: Indexing dataset with several  collection code

Dear all,

I have some datasets which have several collection code, the question is: how can i do to create the right relationship between the dataset, the collection and the instituttion through the ProviderCodes Map, if the dataset has 2 or more collection code??


If the dataset has these collection codes: cof and co_cof.

I create the provider code: cof co_cof   or     cof, co_cof

after this I create the providerCode Map between the institution and the colecction, and I select the codes, and I don't select the checkbox "Exact".

But when I process and index again the dataset, I don't get that this process indexes all the records that dataset has.

Could you help please?


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