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Santiago Martinez de la Riva sama at gbif.es
Wed Nov 5 13:22:15 CET 2014

Hi all,

I'm trying indexing our list of animals, I'm using the nameindexer tool and I see this WARN:

2014-11-05 12:08:10,639 WARN : [ALANameIndexer] - urn:lsid:catalogueoflife.org:taxon:fcb73025-ac8e-11e3-805d-020044200006:col20140822 Humeralis has issues creating a soundex: String index out of range: -1

This is the record:

id parentNameUsageID acceptedNameUsageID scientificName kingdom phylum class order family genus specificEpithet infraspecificEpithet taxonRank scientificNameAuthorship nomenclaturalCode taxonomicStatus nomenclaturalStatus occurrenceStatus taxonID
7810593 urn:lsid:catalogueoflife.org:taxon:e49d1280-ac8e-11e3-805d-020044200006:col20140822 urn:lsid:catalogueoflife.org:taxon:fcb73025-ac8e-11e3-805d-020044200006:col20140822 X humeralis Hust. , 1924 Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Coleoptera Curculionidae X humeralis  species Hust. , 1924  provisionally accepted name   urn:lsid:catalogueoflife.org:taxon:fcb73025-ac8e-11e3-805d-020044200006:col20140822

What is the problem?

Kind regards,
Santiago Martínez de la Riva
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