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Thanks Santiago, Burke.

The recommended approach for all projects is to load data following the instructions that Burke included in his last email [1].
One of the requirements for this to work is that an instance of the collectory is installed.
What Natasha described (and which is now out of date) is a mechanism for loading data without a collectory instance. This is useful for local development purposes only.
This can be done on the command line with version 1.1 with the command:

biocache>> load-local-csv dr0 /tmp/my-csv.txt

The way we load data in our production environment is as follows:

1) Create a data resource in the collectory
2) Upload a CSV or DwC-A zip file into the collectory using the "Upload file" option
3) Use the command line tool describe in [1] to load, sample (optional), process and index the data

Hope this helps.

Dave Martin
[1] https://code.google.com/p/ala-portal/wiki/LoadBiocacheData

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Hi Burke,

I think that you can use  the instructions that you refer in your mail when you are running from inside CSIRO/ALA, please someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I´m going to tell you my experience:

When I want to index a resource I use biocache.jar. I use two options: Load a resource via CSV or via Dwc-A. I attach a mail in which Natasha explains how we can load a resource via Dwc-A.

If I want to load a resource through CSV, I execute the next command:

java -cp .:biocache.jar au.org.ala.util.DwcCSVLoader drtest -l path-to-file.csv -b true

When you have loaded the resource you have to enter in the biocache command line, then you must execute “ >biocache” and then you can process and index the loaded resource. “> process drtest” and “>index drtest”.

My problem  is that when I want to load a resource via Dwc-A and I execute: java -cp .:biocache.jar au.org.ala.util.DwCALoader drtest
The system doesn’t find the class:  au.org.ala.util.DwCALoader. It´s very weird.

Could you check if you can do this? I mean, could you check if you can load a resource in the way Natasha explained in her mail?

The mappings. I don’t understand one thing. How is it possible that in the demo-portal http://ala-ono.it.csiro.au/generic-hub/occurrences/de34b076-e436-4314-a769-969f8ef36273, I can see the information in the right way? This is an example of a Spanish resource from GBIF.org. The occurrences are been loaded, processed and indexed. How is that in our installation we must to do something else if in that installation we can see the indexed occurrences  correctly, It is the same installation, right??

Kind regards.

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Hi Sama,

Yes I did but I use country DwC-A downloaded from GBIF Portal. I basically follow the instruction on https://code.google.com/p/ala-portal/wiki/LoadBiocacheData. Precisely it's done inside the ubuntu box.

After that I can see indexed records but for now it seems the mapping needs some configuration. I am still looking for configurations.

Did you get the map shown before?



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Dear Burke,

Have you tried indexing a resource through their DwCA using
biocache-store tool on Mac OS?

Kind Regard.
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El 28/05/2014 17:34, Burke Chih-Jen Ko [GBIF] escribió:

Dear list members,
(Sorry for cross-posting.)

I would like to let you know that we've just updated these two pages on the wiki:

1. Essential tools and environment configurations: http://dev.gbif.org/wiki/display/ALA/01+Essential+tools+and+environment+configurations
2. Installation:

We are able to install the ALA portal demo by following these steps. Any suggestions on improving the documentation are highly appreciated!


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