[Ala-portal] Adding institution locations in the collectory module.

Daniel Lins daniel.lins at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 07:22:26 CET 2014

Hello guys,

I have a problem during the registry of institution locations (and
collections) in collectory module.

The system does not accept any geographical coordinates. All coordinates
generated the same error before saving. For instance:

Latitude: -35.307494965549076
Longitude: 149.10190973281863

Error message:

"O campo [latitude] da classe [class au.org.ala.collectory.Institution] com
o valor [-35.307.494.965.549.076] não atinge o valor mínimo [-360]
O campo [longitude] da classe [class
au.org.ala.collectory.Institution] como valor [14.910.190.973.281.863]
ultrapass o valor máximo [360]"

"The field [latitude] of class [class au.org.ala.collectory.Institution]
with value [-3,530,469,319,052,836] does not reach the minimum value [-360]...

I also had that problem in the http://ala-demo.gbif.org.

Someone had the same problem?



Daniel Lins da Silva
(Cel) 11 6144-4050
daniel.lins at gmail.com
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