[Ala-portal] internationalization problems

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Wed Apr 2 07:56:54 CEST 2014

Hi Suelane,

1) I think you are asking about the properties in Figure 1 listed under “Propriedades Adicionais”, is that correct (the fields you mentioned do not appear to be listed in your example - figure 1)?
I think this can be done by adding the optional parameter fieldNameIsMsgCode to the <alatag:occurrenceTableRow> tag and then adding a prefix to the fieldName parameter so that your i18n properties are grouped.

    <div id="additionalProperties">
        <h3>Additional properties</h3>
        <table class="occurrenceTable table table-bordered table-striped table-condensed" id="miscellaneousPropertiesTable">
            <!-- Higher Geography -->
            <c:forEach items="${record.raw.miscProperties}" var="entry">
                <alatag:occurrenceTableRow annotate="true" section="geospatial" fieldCode="${entry.key}" fieldName="field.${entry.key}" fieldNameIsMsgCode="true">${entry.value}</alatag:occurrenceTableRow>

2) I’m afraid we are planning to remove the “environmental layers” feature, as it is heavily tied to the ALA spatial portal and the layers provided are licensed to ALA only.

3) I’m not clear on which fields you could not find in Figure 3. If you are referring to the “regions” section (IBRA, IMCRA and LGA fields), then I would suggest that these be removed as they are specific to Australia only.

4) I’m not sure why the special characters are not displaying correctly. I would check the character encoding for your messages_XX.properties files to make sure they are encoded in UTF-8. If you could send me your messages_pt_BR.proerties file (and one of the JSP files you have changed (e.g showCore.jsp) I could test it here as well.



From: "Suelane G. Fontes" <suelane at uol.com.br<mailto:suelane at uol.com.br>>
Date: Tuesday, 1 April 2014 4:25 am
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Subject: [Ala-portal] internationalization problems

We are developing the Portuguese version of ALA portal using the internationalization
mechanisms provided by ALA.
1) We provided translation for the “view register” functionality as shown in figure 1.
Most terms were found in “recordCoreDiv.jsp” file, but terms such as Data provider name,
Data provider uid, Institution uid And so on, could no be found in that file. Where is the right
 location to find such terms?
2) Where can I find the terms which appears in the combo box “environmental layer”? such combo
is shown in figure 2:
3) In the advanced research tab there are fields which we could not find, as shown in figure 3.
Where should I found such terms?
4) After the internationalization process a number of codification errors appeared as shown in
figure 4. How can I set the correct codification in ALA Portal in order to properly show the
Portuguese characters, such as: ~, ` and ´ .
The figures were uploaded as attachments.
Suelane Garcia Fontes
(Cel) 55 11 99514-8170
Research Center on Biodiversity and Computing (Biocomp)
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
suelane at uol.com.br<mailto:suelane at uol.com.br>

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